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Flower Bulbs Planted During Winters In India - CGASPL

Flower Bulbs Planted During Winters In India


Great poets like William Wordsworth and even Shakespeare have written verses on the beauty of daffodils. Sunny, yellow daffodils make your garden shine bright. Daffodil bulbs can be planted in the fall and they grow through the winters. They bloom in late winter or early spring. Grow the daffodils in reasonably fertile and well drained soil. High quality bulbs should be planted. A little amount of bulb fertilizer would do good for the growth of the  bulbs. The most common problem in taking care of daffodil bulbs is the presence of pests like narcissus bulb fly and bulb scale mite.


Beautiful and tall iris comes in many colours and is the ideal flower for everyone. Iris bulbs are strong, steady and easy to grow. Iris bulbs need reasonable amount of sun to grow. The soil needs to be fertile and soil drainage is very important. Irises bloom in early summer. They are generally planted during mid to late summers. Snail, slugs and whiteflies among other pests  are a threat to the bulbs.


Hyacinths are known for their sweet and long-lasting fragrance. They are available in many exquisite colours like red, orange, yellow, blue, white and purple. Hyacinth bulbs are generally planted in fall. They grow throughout the winters and flower in spring. Partial shade is required for the growth of the bulbs along with fertile soil. Hyacinth bulbs can be compelled to an early growth for indoor display during winters.Hyacinths are affected by bulb rot and gray mold.



Tulips are a delight to the eyes. You can find them in many colours like white,yellow, red, orange, and even purple which is so dark that it appears to be black. Tulips make the garden look cheerful and dreamy by adding their splash of colours. They can vary in shape from simple cups to complex shapes. Tulip bulbs are planted in fall. Excessive amount of moisture is death for them. The bulbs should be planted deep. Flower time for the tulip bulbs is spring. Gray molds, slug, snails and nematodes among other are a threat to the healthy growth of bulbs.


The amaryllis are cherished for their large and bright blooms indoors during fall or in the winters. The amaryllis bulbs can be planted directly into the ground at places where the temperature doesn’t go below 10 Fahrenheit. A sight with provides good exposure to sun and has well drained soil should be chosen. In areas of frost, the bulb should be planted with 5-6 inches of soil above it, followed by 4-5 inches of mulching. Ample sunshine and lots of care is needed for the amaryllis bulbs






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