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Exotic Fruit Plants Easily Found in India - CGASPL

Exotic Fruit Plants Easily Found in India

Some of these fruit plants are semi shade that is they can't absorb the direct sunlight (as our temperature can harm the plants) and some plants are  completely outdoor which requires direct sunlight according to their habitat...

exotic fruits

Here are those common exotix fruit plants you can easily grow in India--

LYCHEE (from China)


The lychee plant clusters of red and pink fruits along with small greenish-yellow flowers. The lychee plant is slow growing and thrives in full sun and prefers a well-drained, moist soil. The lychee fruit or litchi is rich with vitamins and nutrients.

lychee fruit

PASSION FRUIT (from Brazil)

passion fruit

The passion fruit is a fast growing vine. This vigorous climbing vines has tendrils that can wrap itself around anything. The flowers produced are beautiful and make the garden look attractive. The plant bears a round fruit which is either yellow or purple in color, depending upon the variety.

DRAGON FRUIT (from America)

dragon fruit

 open dragon fruits

This plant is very easy to grow and bears delicious fruits and beautiful flowers. The fruit is egg shaped and has what looks like scales. The dragon fruit flesh can be found in several shades from white to red. The fruit has a high content of Vitamin C and helps fight cancer. 

BARBADOS CHERRY (from South America)


The barbados cherry prove to be a very attractive and ornamental plant. It produces large quantities of red cherries which are high in Vitamin C. The barbados cherry is a very easy plant to grow and is mostly grown in containers. They will add style to your garden and will also provide you with lots of juicy cherries.

MIRACLE FRUIT (from Africa)

miracle fruit

Synsepalum dulcificum, is a plant which is known for the berries that it produces. The berries when eaten have the ability of making any sour food eaten afterwards taste sweet. The plant can attain a height of 15 feets. The plant has a dense foliage and also produces white flowers.

ROSE APPLE (from Malaysia)

rose apple

ripened rose apple

This apple does not resemble the ordinary apple and is shaped like a pear. Unripe fruit have a green color. The fruit is crispy, juicy and refreshing. The flowers produced by the plant are creamy white or greenish-white. The rose apple is rich in calcium.

rose apples

RAMBUTAN (from Tropical Southeast Asia)

The skin of the rambutan is red and has hairy spines. It has a sweet taste and it is rich in iron, calcium and vitamin C. This fruit is considered to be very exotic and has many medicinal benefits. It is believed to decrease unwanted fat and helps in boosting energy.



MANGOSTEEN (from Islands of South-East Asia)

The mangosteen tree can attain a height of 25m. It is a slow growing tree with leathery and thick leaves. The fruit produced by this tree has a distinctive appearance. It has a sweet and tangy flavour. 


The fruit of this tree is used as a traditional medicine and also used for culinary purposes. This tree thrives, if the temperature is between the range of 25-35 C.


STAR FRUIT (from Philippines, Indonesia)

The star fruit is a small sized tree that produces juicy fruit. The fruit has a very crisp texture and is often used in salads. The star fruit thrives in tropical and subtropical regions. It can grow up to a height of almost 9 meters. It requires regular watering and full sun.

star fruit

ARABICA COFFEE (from Arebia)


Coffee is everyone’s favorite drink and the Arabica coffee is known to produce the finest coffee beans. The arabica coffee is a 2 to 8 metre tall tree with white, sweet scented and tubular flowers. The fruits produced by this plant are red, but can be purple and yellow as well. The seeds in the fruits are fawn or brown in color and become dark brown after roasting.

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