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Container Gardening

The container plants will make your home and garden a delight to the eyes, moreover container plants are great for people who have minimal space.

So, go and dug out your old and damaged stuff and start working on any of these container plants!


We all have huge collections of toys just lying in the corners of our cupboards. Every kid has these monster trucks, which you can easily turn into your plant container. If you don't have it at home, you can easily find it in the market by spending only a few bucks. These little toy plants will look very dandy in your garden.



If there are any old and broken pots that you have at home, be sure not to throw them away and instead use them wisely.




A simple wooden log can do wonders, if used in a proper manner. Empty out some space from the wooden log, but be sure to ask someone professional to do this because emptying out some space requires the use of an axe. Fill the caverned space with your favorite plants and flaunt your creativity.



If you have a few extra bucks to spare, you can get yourself an old bird cage and decorate it with planting beautiful plants. It will look very enchanting and will beautifully adorn your garden.


We all have old bicycles just stacked in the corners of our garages. Now is the time to put them to a good use. You can use your old bicycle and fill the baskets with flowers and plants.


Tired of your old shoes? Thinking what to do with them?
Well, instead of throwing away your old shoes you can become more creative and use them as plant containers. It feels strange to use shoes as containers, but it'll give your garden a more rustic and refreshing look. It will leave all your friends and family in awe of your creativity.


You can use wine or other glass bottles for planting as well. You can hang them near your front door or windows. They will look absolutely splendid.


When your old wooden or plastic chair break, or you decide to redecorate, use the old chairs for planting. It will give a antique and amazing look. Whoever said broken chairs are of no use, couldn't be more wrong.


Tyres are readily and easily available at low costs and will look extremely well, if arranged properly. You can even go a step further and paint the tyres to look even more alluring & make your garden look more colorful.



You can paint on some barrels and use them as plant containers. They will be very useful and will be able to contain large plants as well.


No, you didn't read it wrong! Old toilet cisterns can be used as excellent plant containers. Interesting, right? They already have a built in drainage which will make things easier for you. Porcelain will last very long and their earlier "lives" can be easily concealed using different small plants.


Tin cans are perfect for planting small, little plants. You can hang them anywhere, using a few strings.



These are the classics. You can use any jar or vase of any size and grace them up beautifully using any of your favourite plants!


Several bowls are available in different sizes and can be used as containers. Along with bowls, you can also use colanders. If you don't have, you can easily buy it from the market by spending only a little. Colanders have a very special advantage. They already have several tiny drainage holes and that means, less work for you. You can hang them using chains or keep them on the ground. They will look exceptional in any case.


If you have old furniture just lying around, now is the time to make good use of them. Decorate your drawers or a chest of drawers, with plants to flaunt your creativity.




Basins are made of porcelain, which are durable and hence will last for a very long time. If the basin is still intact, it will help with the drainage.





  1. Drainage holes are extremely important. If the holes are not big enough, the water will not move out, which will cause the soil to become too wet and your plants will suffer. Anything can be used as a container and drainage holes can easily be made using a drilling machine.
  2. Feeding your plants is crucial, if you want them to live. Fertilizers are necessary for their growth. Although, make sure not to use too much amount of it as it can be catastrophic for the plants.
  3. When you are choosing different plants for your container, make sure that these plants will get along well together. If they have the same needs of moisture and light then they'll be able to survive together. However, if they have different needs, they will not last long.

Get ingenious, and rampage and hunt through your old stuff for anything to be used. Let your imagination run wild and decorate your home with these terrific container plants.

Happy gardening!






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