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Best Plants For Outdoor Vertical Gardening - CGASPL

Best Plants For Outdoor Vertical Gardening

Choosing good plants is very crucial and the appearance of your garden depends entirely on that.

Some of the plants that you could grow in your outdoor vertical garden are listed below.

Alternanthera Grenadine

This evergreen perennial has showy burgundy leaves which has hot pink veins designed on it. Each leaf of this plant has a glistening skin. The alternanthera grenadine produces clusters of small flowers but the beauty of this plant is brought by the lustrous leaves. This plant prefers bright light and a well drained soil.

Alternanthera Green

The alternanthera green is a perennial plant and has variegated leaves. It has concealed clusters of small white flowers. It requires a well drained soil and is one of the most popular plant used in outdoor vertical gardens.

Alternanthera White

This is an ornamental shrub. It has beautiful silvery green leaves which have a irregular white margin. This plant is very popular due to its attractive foliage. Flowers are present in clusters and are inconspicuous.

Alternanthera Red

This is a herbaceous evergreen plant which adds texture and style to the garden. The leaves of this plant have red threads designed on them. It is generally used as an ornamental plant because of its grand foliage.

Alternanthera Versicolor

The alternanthera versicolor is a perennial plant which produces green spoon shaped leaves marked with combinations of different colors like red,orange, purple or yellow. Flowers produced are small and concealed. 

Asparagus Meyeri

This evergreen perennial has feathery stems which are needle like. It is also known as the foxtail fern. In summer, this plant produces white flowers along with red berries. The asparagus meyeri is usually hanged in baskets to give a more attractive look.

Asparagus Sprengeri

This plant produces an emerald-green foliage that is a favorite among many people. It is one of the best plants used for outdoor vertical gardening because of its beauty and simplicity. The asparagus sprengeri needs to be watered thoroughly and also prefers to grow on moss based potting mix.

Asystasia gangetica

Also known as the creeping foxglove, the asystasia gangetica is a very attractive and fast growing plant. It has dark green leaves and cream colored flowers which have a purple marking on the palate. It thrives in partial shade.

Chlorophytum comosum

The chlorophytum comosum is popularly known as the spider plant and it is very easy to care for. The leaves of this plant are green in color with a slightly lighter green shade present in the center. The spider plant prefers bright indirect light and regular watering in the growing months of the plant.

Chlorophytum broad leaves

This is a very popular plant grown for its attractive leaves. The leaves of this plant look more lively in bright light. The chlorophytum plant is capable of surviving without light, i.e, in shade. It looks really attractive if grown in hanging baskets or as groundcovers.


Dianella are also known as flax lillies. It has long and leathery leaves and has deep blue and purple flowers. This plant is frost and drought resistance. The compact and evergreen foliage of this plant is very attractive and a delight to the eyes.

Duranta sunshine

This ornamental plant has orchid like flowers which are generally light blue and purple in color. It also has yellow drupes which are shaped like a ball. The durata sunshine prefers an organic soil which is well drained and loamy.

Duranta Golden

The duranta golden is an evergreen shrub or tree which has ovate leaves and showy flowers. The flowers are light blue or purple and are grown in clusters. The main attraction of this plant is the bright and glistening yellow foliage.

Euphorbia Mini

These are heat tolerant plants and very easy to care for. They do not require much care and are thus a perfect choice for people who can’t invest too much time into plants. The euphorbia mini is upright and has a linear green foliage. It has light green flowers which have a red centre and are disc shaped.

Ficus panda

The ficus panda has round leaves which are lustrous and light. This is a very attractive plant that is found in almost every garden. The ficus panda should be kept out of direct sunlight and should be watered and misted regularly. The flowers of this plant are very small and inconspicuous and the plant is generally just grown for its grand foliage.

Ficus starlight

The ficus starlight can be grown in all kinds of climate. It needs moderate watering and filtered light. It has gleaming green and white variegated leaves which are generally oval in shape. It has aerial roots and invasive underground roots.

Ipomoea batatas

It is more commonly known as sweet potato. The stems of sweet potato form a vine which is up to 4m long. It has ovate or heart shaped leaves which are either green or purple. It has pale pink to purple showy flowers. This plant has a attractive and colorful foliage and it thrives in full sun.

Ipomoea Black

This plant has a heart shaped foliage. The leaves are purple in color and the ipomoea black is generally grown for its foliage. It is very easy to maintain and requires an average amount of water for its growth. The ipomoea black should be grown in full or partial sun.

Lantana big white

This evergreen shrub has beautiful white flowers. It is a low growing plant and grows upto 2 feet and can trail up to 10 feet. The flowers are present all year round and make the plant look very beautiful. The lantana thrives in full sun or partial sun and attracts numerous butterflies and also bees.

Lantana yellow

This plant has a grand foliage and very attractive yellow flowers. It is an ideal plant for indoor vertical gardening as it helps in making the garden bright and colorful.

Lantana small white

This flowering evergreen shrub has a scented foliage with white flowers which are small but attractive and green leaves which are oval shaped. It needs full sun for proper growth and attracts birds and butterflies.

Lantana red

It is a herbaceous plant with a grand red and yellow foliage. In this plant red color flowers are present in clusters with a few yellow flowers in the center. This plant is very attractive and attracts small birds and butterflies.

Lantana pink

This evergreen perennial has pale pink and yellow flowers which attracts birds and butterflies. It should be grown in full sun and a well drained soil. Generally they grow up to 1 to 3 feet tall and have showy flowers and a grand foliage.

Ophiopogon  variegated

This plant forms dense clumps of variegated leaves. The thinly striped variegated leaves make the plant look stunning and attractive. The mature plant has a height of about 12-15 inches.The leaves are dark green with white or pastel yellow stripes.

Ophiopogon green

The ophiopogon is a very easy to grow plant. It does not require much care and is loved by gardeners due to its ability of remaining unaffected by drought, frost and wind. This plant blooms in summer and produces beautiful white flowers which are followed by black berries.


Pedilanthus is very easy to care for. The thrive in full sun and require medium amount of watering. Overwatering can cause rotting. A well drained mixture should be used along with a liquid fertilizer once a month.

Plumbago white

The plumbago plant is a shrub which can grow to a height of 10 feet. The branches of the plumbago plant resemble vine. This plant has white flowers. This plant blooms repeatedly and loves full sun.

Plumbago blue

This is an alternate to the beautiful plumbago white which has attractive white flowers. The plumbago blue has blue flowers, that make the foliage of this plant look absolutely stunning.

The blue flowers are present in little clusters.

Rhoeo green

It has green lance shaped leaves. The rhoeo prefers indirect light for its growth along with a moist soil. The foliage of this plant is the main point of attraction.

Rhoeo gold

This plant has bronze and gold stripes leaves. It has an attractive foliage and due to this it is often used as an ornamental plant. The sap produced by every part of this plant is poisonous.

Rhoeo discolor

Rhoeo discolor is also popularly known as boat lily and oyster plant. The leaves are lancelike and fleshy. The upper surface of the leaves is green in color and the lower surface is purple. The oyster plant is often used as an ornamental plant due to its foliage.

Schefflera green

The green schefflera are the ideal plants for outdoor vertical gardening. They are not high maintenance and require very little care. These plants need indirect light and hence have to be kept near an indirect light source.

Schefflera Variegated

It is a large evergreen shrub which has an attractive foliage. This plant has green leaves covered with blotches of yellow color. The leaves are shiny and shaped like a hand. It needs part shade and partial light along with a well drained soil for its growth. 

Song of india

Also known as Dracaena reflexa, the song of india is a famous hardy plant. It has green leaves covered with yellow stripes. The leaves are short and pointed. This plant is slow growing and is a perfect choice for an outdoor vertical garden.


The vernonia is also known as ironweed. This plant has tooth shaped leaves with bunches of small purple flowers. The vernonia is known to attract hummingbirds and butterflies to the garden. It is truly beautiful and a delight to the eyes.


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