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Best Plants For Indoor Vertical Gardening - CGASPL

Best Plants For Indoor Vertical Gardening

If you want your vertical garden to flourish you need to put a lot effort into it and choose the correct plants to grow. Choosing the right plants is very crucial and your vertical garden depends entirely upon that.
Below are the best plants that you could grow in your vertical garden-

Green Money Plant

These are very beautiful plant and are a delight to the eyes. These hardy plants are very easy to care for and do not need much attention. You don’t have to pamper these plants as they are capable of thriving pretty well on their own. These are disease free and healthy staying plants.

Green Money Plant for vertical garden

Golden Money Plant

Money plant is known to bring good fortune and luck to the people who have it in their homes. It is an evergreen vine which is fast growing and can attain a height of 20m. The leaves are glistening and heart shaped. The leaves are broad and make the plant look exceptional.

golden money plant

Money Plant N’joy

The Epipremnum aureum or the money plant n’joy is a famous houseplant. It’s a fast growing plant which can attain a height of 1.5-2 metres. They need to be watered regularly and require full sun and can even thrive in partial shade. A well drained soil is a must for this plant. The money plant n’joy is a wonderful plant to be used in an indoor vertical garden.

money plant njoy

Money Plant Marble Queen

The money plant marble queen has dark, glistening leaves with specks of white in it. This plant is very durable and easy to care for. It needs to be regularly watered and leaves need frequent misting. This tropical vine is an ideal plant for indoor vertical gardens. Their variegated leaves make the garden look very attractive.

money plant marble queen

Peperomia Green

Peperomia has more than one thousand types, some of which have a beautiful variegated foliage. Each variety has a different appearance. The variegated peperomia thrives under shaded light. It requires frequent watering.

peperomia green 

Peperomia Variegated

Peperomia has more than one thousand types, some of which have a beautiful variegated foliage. Each variety has a different appearance. The variegated peperomia thrives under shaded light. It requires frequent watering.

peperomia variegated

Cryptanthus Light Pink

Cryptanthus are unique bromeliads that grow terrestrially. They have a rich foliage which adds color to your indoor garden. Different varieties of cryptanthus have different requirement of light. These are excellent indoor plants.

Cryptanthus Dark Pink

Cryptanthus can be found in many colors. Dark pink cryptanthus are very popular houseplants due to their rich foliage and beauty.

Cryptanthus Dark Brown

A few varieties of cryptanthus have glossy leaves which are dark brown colored or black and has white wavy bands designed on the leaves.


Chlorophytum is popularly known as the spider plant and it is very easy to care for. It has a grand foliage and has the ability of making your garden more attractive. There are certain varieties of the spider plant which have variegated leaves. The variegated plants are weaker as the non-green or white part does not produce chlorophyll.


Oxycardium Green

The oxycardium is also known as the sweetheart plant and is a vining plant. It is very easy to maintain and is capable of taking care of itself. It has glossy leaves and a rich green color that is sure to add style to your garden.

Oxycardium Variegated

Some varieties of oxycardium have variegated leaves. These plants have an extensive foliage and are an ideal plant for an indoor vertical garden.

Oxycardium Golden

The oxycardium golden has beautiful golden leaves and a grand foliage. The beautiful golden leaves bring out the beauty of the plant and are extensively used as a houseplant. Your indoor garden is sure to look beautiful with this amazing plant.

Syngonium Pink

Syngonium is a famous house plant which can be found in various colors and different patterned leaves. The most commonly planted syngonium is the pink colored syngonium. This herbaceous vine requires bright and filtered light for its growth.

Syngonium White

Some varieties of syngonium have completely white leaves. It is considered one of the best looking and very popular plant. This is an ideal plant for indoor vertical garden.

syngonium white

Syngonium Pixie

The syngonium pixie is also known as the butterfly plant. It is fast growing and has green leaves with white centers. This plant has a beautiful foliage and is very easy to grow. Moderate to bright light is required for the plant to thrive. The butterfly plant will initially grow as a clump and then spread.

Syngonium Lemon

The syngonium lemon is known for its ornamental foliage. This plant is generally used as a decorative item for homes. Apart from making your home beautiful, these plants also provide a stress free environment.

Xanadu Green

The Xanadu green is a very famous houseplant used for decorative purposes. It is not high- maintenance and is an ideal plant for indoor vertical gardening. This plant is famous for its vines which are long growing and trail freely. The xanadu green prefers indirect light and regular watering.

green xanadu

Xanadu Golden

This plant has a very attractive foliage of yellow paddled shaped leaves. They can tolerate low levels of light but direct light is bad for the growth of the plant. The soil is required to be evenly moist.

golden xanadu

Rhoeo Green

The rhoeo plant is known for its foliage. It has beautiful lance shaped leaves. The rhoeo prefers indirect sunlight and a moist soil for its proper growth. Regular misting is required for this plant. It is a very common houseplant and a perfect plant for your indoor vertical garden.

Rhoeo Green

Rhoeo Golden

The foliage of the rhoeo golden has leaves with bronze or gold straps. The rhoeo golden is often used as an ornamental plant because of its rich foliage. The rhoeo is known to be toxic if eaten in large quantities as the plant sap is poisonous.

Philodendron Moonshine

The philodendron moonshine is generally grown in semi shade and is popular because of its extensive foliage. It requires well drained soil for its proper growth. Apart from being a very attractive plant, the philodendron also helps in providing a stress free environment and purifies the air.

Philodendron Black Cardinal

This low growing, perennial shrub has a blackish green and shiny bronze foliage. The leaves are lance shaped and this plant does not climb like a vine. This plant needs a well drained and moist soil for its growth. They thrive in partial shade. Too much light can cause the leaves to become too dry and pale. The dark foliage of this plant looks absolutely ravishing next to other bright plants in an indoor vertical garden.

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