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10 Outdoor Vertical Garden Ideas To Try In Your Backyard

10 Outdoor Vertical Garden Ideas To Try In Your Backyard

  1. A Garden Wall
  2. Pallets and Paint Cans
  3. Potted Hanging Planters
  4. Vertical Fence Garden
  5. Repurposed Ladder Shelving
  6. Black Metal Plant Stand
  7. Wooden Slab Garden
  8. Pocket Full of Herbs
  9. Wall Baskets
  10. Privacy Trellis

If you're a plant parent, you're likely to own some greens and flowers in your home. But have you ever faced issues with not being able to accommodate all your green children in a suitable place? or you might have problems with small spaces which you can absolutely turn into the beautiful green garden of your dreams. 

There are an array of vertical garden ideas that'll showcase your plants' beautiful colours and textures. These arrangements even work for large or small spaces. Here, you will find 10 amazing outdoor vertical garden ideas that work fantastic in your backyard and gardens and even rooftops!

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Let us start without any more delay. The first pick on our list is such a classic! 

A Garden Wall

A classic living wall outside your house will always be a great option to consider growing your plants, herbs, veggies and fruits. This is an option if you're willing to spend some bucks to set up your multipurpose wall that can act as your own veggie space, a privacy wall from strangers, or even a showstopping decor piece to stun your guests. 

garden vertical wall

With some cedar posts, hex wire, and terra cotta pots, you can create a vertical garden than will double as a privacy screen. Hanging individual pots allows you to easily put up or retire plants with the seasons. The hex wire support allows air to flow through the hanging display, keeping your outdoor space cool and breezy.

Pallets and Paint Cans

This has to be one of the easiest ways to pursue your vertical garden dreams on a budget to put your gorgeous flowers and herbs on display!

cans vertical garden

Recycled pallets and shiny new paint cans can turn a chain-link fence into a wow-worthy garden wall. We surely have some unused, waste tin cans, or plastic soda bottles that can be used as DIY planters for your outdoor garden. This idea is perfect for renters or budget-conscious homeowners, who can’t replace a fence but want to cover the eyesore. The pallet wall attaches to the fence with hooks, allowing it to be moved elsewhere at a moment's notice. After drilling some drainage holes in the cans, they're ready for potting soil, plants, and a prominent place in your yard. Next time, don't throw away these bottles and cans, add a splash of colour and give it a new life, literally, with plants!

Potted Hanging Planters

One of the easiest vertical gardens to recreate is one where hanging planters are used. This is yet another favourite display of vertical gardens for us. Where you can easily use, ceramic, clay or terracotta planters filled with soil and your sapling and hang it around your garden or patio to show off your stunning green collection hanging in the air. The best part about hanging planters is, they are both outdoor and indoor-friendly! You can use them inside your home, balcony, or rooftop or outside in your backyard or on the patio. 

Potted Hanging Planters

There is an innumerable choice of plants when it comes to outdoor potted hanging displays. Some of the best plants that thrive in full sun are Jasmine, Spider Plants, Verbena, Ivy Geranium, Crotons, Diascia, Jade Plants, succulents and purple heart plants. So, if you're tight on budget but still need a fancy display for plants, go for patterned ceramic holders and be sure to tie them securely with rope.

Vertical Fence Garden

Another classic and versatile display of vertical gardens! A fenced garden is a showstopper with trailing, vining and climbing plants. Your creeping vines will swirl around the fence and put a fancy show of rainforest or amazon forest-like display to decorate your backyard to become fancy. Vertical fence gardens are ideal for small yards with limited garden space. And, there are so many ways to fence gardens, like lattice fences, pallet planters, wire fences, or DIY fence trellises. 

Vertical Fence Garden

Train vines to grow upwards on the fence. Wrap them around the squares and use hooks to keep them afloat if they happen to fall. Prune them so they grow in the direction you like best. Using a fence to create a vertical garden is one of the easiest ways to create a beautiful and productive garden when you have limited space. 

Repurposed Ladder Shelving

A ladder garden is perfect if you have very tiny space to put up your greens and veggies. When you got some useless furniture lying around your house, you can simply craft it into an outdoor vertical garden display. Whether outdoor or indoor, ladder shelving works just great as a beautiful and chic vertical garden. 

Repurposed Ladder Shelving garden

A short wooden ladder is a perfect spot to create a tiered garden. The ladder design allows you to pack a lot of greenery into a small space. Built out of stock lumber, you can customize yours with as many “steps” as you’d like. Trailing plant varieties will look especially pretty in this planter—no matter where you choose to lean it. Spruce up each rung with greenery in terracotta planters to add that warm colour to create a more visually appealing landscape to your ambience. We are making this, for sure!

Black Metal Plant Stand

By far the largest group of outdoor plant stand offerings involves metal. After all, metal is durable and can be coated in rust-proof finishes. Black metal plant stands to add a classic yet modern vibe to your backyard or patio. You can also buy a metal utility cart with rollers where you can swiftly move your plant stand from one place to another by just pushing. Its as easy as a breeze! 

Black Metal Plant Stand garden

You can also choose many other muted hues in metal stands to suit your colour palette or preferences. This metal planter is one of the best ways to cultivate a vertical garden outdoors. While some plant stands have shelving, others have slots that you can easily slip planters into. Both shelving and slot metal stands are great to create an aesthetic display for your outdoor plants!

Wooden Slab Garden

If you're up to trying something quirky and unique, a wooden slab garden is just the right option for you! There are so many designs you can find online or on Pinterest for your inspo and create this stunning vertical or (horizontal) garden. Install planters on wooden slabs, then nail them horizontally (or vertically) to the wall or fence. This is especially perfect for lightweight herbs. 

Wooden Slab Garden planter

With wooden slabs stacked along with your metal or any pots with contrasting colours to go with your wood, trust us, you'll get so many compliments about this display! 

Pocket Full of Herbs

What could be easier than repurposing an existing organizer as a vertical garden? Your over-the-door pocket organizer can take on a new function as a backyard planter. Fill each pocket with soil, and put a plant in each sleeve. The porous canvas material allows excess water to drain, thereby preventing root rot.

Pocket Full of Herbs

This is an easy-peasy display that you can either do indoors on your kitchen wall, or outdoors. Hang it on the fence or wall, and fill the compartments with dirt to display ferns, vines and other forms of greenery that you can harvest for your kitchen. Herbs are the ideal plant varieties to grow here, its lightweight and would look simple and aesthetic at the same time. 

Hang the cloth planter on a sunny wall outside and watch your garden grow!

Wall Baskets

These planters are essentially hanging baskets. It is a really cute concept for planting a lot of different plants at once. It works as a great space saver since you don’t have to worry about planting the plants in an actual garden or the dirt. If you have rattan planters, bowls or baskets, hang them on your wall, ceiling or fence using a rope. Add a non-slip hook to the rope's end and place your plant babies inside for a floating arrangement. 

Wall Baskets garden

This stunning hanging arrangement is a perfectly displayed vertical garden and would look amazing, especially during the spring and summer seasons when they will be soaking under the sun. With trailing vines and flowers, this is such a cute idea! You could even package this as a kit to give someone as a gift. Anyone who likes the garden will appreciate it!

Privacy Trellis

Neighbour's patio too close to yours? Frame a sheet or two of lattice to create a mini-wall. Then grow annual or perennial vines up to soften the look and provide additional screening. If you're not handy, a premade trellis works, too. Building a trellis may sound hectic, but once you build a strong foundation for your vertical garden, you will have only a minimum to do. 

Privacy Trellis

It takes a bit of time and money to start your private trellis with beautiful slithering plants that swirl and decorate your trellis. But it's always a show-stopping landscape during the active growing seasons of plants. They will bloom in colourful hues which would make your passerby stop and appreciate your stunning vertical garden outside!


Let us know which one of the ideas is your favourite! Also, let us know if you have any queries regarding your outdoor vertical garden. We would love to guide you through your gardening journey! 

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