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10 Best Plants as house warming gifts India 2022

10 Best Plants as house warming gifts India 2022

"We've got this gift of love, but love is like a precious plant. You can't just accept it and leave it in the cupboard or just think it's going to get on by itself. You've got to keep watering it. You've got to really look after it and nurture it." ~John Lennon

A new house represents a fresh beginning. The brand-new home is typically a lonely, empty place.  Plants provide freshness and delight to a home and make it welcoming.

You want to purchase your friend or family member the ideal housewarming present to make them feel at home in their new residence. A token of their fresh beginning that represents luck and transformation. It should be lovely, meaningful, and portable enough for you to bring to the housewarming celebration or have delivered to their new home. Regardless of age, houseplants are the ideal housewarming present for both individuals and couples.

In search of a special housewarming present for friend or family? Look nowhere else. It is now simpler than ever to order online and have a living gift delivered right to their door that is stylish, symbolic, and even better, will add beauty and delight to their new home. What kind of present is this? Obviously, a beautiful plant in a pot. A gorgeously potted plant for them to care for and flourish with in their new home is the best kind of unique housewarming gift.

plant gift

Houseplants make excellent housewarming presents since they can make even the smallest living space feel like a cosy home and radiate happiness. Housewarming presents are given to new homeowners to help them feel at home and to make them feel comfortable. Every housewarming present is therefore extremely significant and powerful. One of these presents is a houseplant. In all honesty, plants make excellent housewarming presents since they are lovely, considerate, and durable. Additionally, they can serve as a fulfilling hobby.

plant gift

Plants make excellent housewarming presents. They are distinctive, bring style and colour to a house, and support people on an emotional, mental, and physical level. Knowing how amazing plants are, you came across this article while looking for the greatest plants to offer as housewarming presents so that you could provide the ideal present.



Indoor plants come in a wide range of sizes and forms, each with a unique set of advantages and aesthetic. You should think about the ease of maintenance, the recipient's lifestyle, the type of residence, whether there are pets or young children present, and the significance of the plant when choosing a housewarming gift. Plants add beauty to a space, add to the decor, and emit vibes that reduce stress and anxiety while fostering pleasure and productivity.

plant gift

Plant givers are believed to have huge hearts and open souls, when a person gives a plant as a gift, they are expressing their best wishes for their friends and family and wishing them a happy and prosperous life.

Plants are the ideal present for folks beginning a new chapter in their lives due to their symbolism of growth and change.

plant gift

The top-10 indoor plants to offer as housewarming presents are listed below.

1. Orchids

The orchid plant will add beauty and elegance to any home with its well-defined, sumptuous flowers and slender, green branches. The simple maintenance requirements make it a favourite of individuals with busy schedules and those born without green fingers. One of the finest blooms to give as a gift are orchids. Beautiful blooms from orchids give any space depth and character.

As long as their basic needs are addressed, orchids are rather simple plants to take care of. For the flowers we are all familiar with, orchids require 50 to 70 percent humidity, lots of indirect sunshine, watering when the soil is dry, and lower temperatures than during the day.

Symbolism: Orchids stand for fertility, love, beauty, and thoughtfulness. As a symbol of beginning a new life, orchids are frequently chosen as gifts for first-time homebuyers.

orchid plant

2. Peace Lily

Another serene plant with wonderful flowers that is not too demanding to care for is the peace lily. As its name indicate, this plant is renowned for creating a feeling of freshness and tranquillity. True to its name, the peace lily plant is abundantly covered in glossy foliage and bears white flowers and bestows harmony and freshness onto people. The promise of happiness and health for all time makes it one of the best housewarming gifts for someone moving into a new home. A Peace Lily makes a wonderful welcome gift since they clean the air, which is just one of their many benefits. 

Without a doubt, peace lilies are the most widely used plant as a gift. The Peace Lily has exquisite white blossoms and large, glossy, vivid green foliage. Both beautiful and pleasing to the sight. These plants make appealing gifts because of their general simplicity.

If you give a Peace Lilly as a gift, please inform the recipient about the risk to children and animals and encourage them to place the plant in a high spot or a room away from animals.

Beyond their ability to purify the air, Peace Lilies are cherished for their symbolic value.

Symbolism: Peace lily stands for peace, innocence, good fortune, compassion, hope, and healing.

peace lily

3. Snake Plant

Wouldn't you want your family to live in a healthy environment where they may play and breathe clean air? Naturally, I suppose! Therefore, choose up a snake plant to give your loved ones as a housewarming present.

Snake plants are easy-going plants with little water needs. It is renowned for having pointy, oddly curved leaves. Therefore, the term "mother-in-law's tongue" was chosen. Snake plants brighten up any space in the house in addition to cleaning the air. Due to the fact that they represent luck and enhance vastu, they are the ideal housewarming gift. 

Animals cannot be around snake plants. Its consumption can result in nausea and diarrhoea. The ability of these plants to absorb pollutants like benzene and formaldehyde makes having them indoors with pets and kids advantageous. Just make an effort to keep children and dogs away from the plant.

Symbolism: Snake plants represent luck and persistence.

snake plant

4. Jade Plant

The Jade plant features robust, low-maintenance leaves that are thick and luscious. The leaves have amazing textures and many green tones. Jade plants are great housewarming presents. They are reputed to bring luck into a home. They are real survivors since they are capable of living for a long time with little to no care. Although fertilising this plant is not required, occasionally washing the leaves to remove dust is beneficial. Due to their thick,oval, vivid green leaves, jade plants are popular succulents.

Jade plants can tolerate low light, but they do require some daytime direct sunlight to maintain their ideal growth. Try placing your Jade plant in a window or on a porch a few times per week to get some direct sunlight. When giving jade plants as gifts, keep in mind that they are poisonous to pets if consumed.

Symbolism: Jade plants signify friendship and good fortune. These are wonderful presents to give a close friend who is having a housewarming ceremony.

jade plant

5. Christmas Cactus (Schlumbergera)

The Christmas Cactus tops the list because of how simple it is to care for and how many lovely blooms it produces. Christmas cacti are among the simplest plants to maintain indoors because they need bright indirect light, such as that found near a windowsill, require only occasional replacement of the potting soil, and only require thorough watering every two to three weeks when the soil is dry.

Christmas cactus are ideal for busy families who need low-maintenance greenery in their homes. If properly cared for, Schlumbergera can survive for 20 to 30 years. They are frequently chosen as presents because of their tenacity and capacity for success. 

Symbolism: These succulents stand for perseverance and survival, while the flowers themselves stand for love even in tough circumstances. 

christmas cactus

6. Bamboo Plant

Bamboo plants are also among the most popular plants given as gifts since they are considered lucky plants and also look beautiful in homes, making them the perfect housewarming gift.

These plants are excellent gifts for even new plant owners due to their simplicity of maintenance.

Lucky Bamboo plants are a great option for housewarming presents due to its high decorative value, low maintenance needs, and significance in Feng Shui. Every stalk of the bamboo plant has a symbolic meaning. As it symbolises a long and prosperous life, lucky bamboo is frequently given as a good luck gift. This low-maintenance plant prefers indirect light and can thrive in both soil and water. It is a very beautiful plant that many people pick to add more elegance to the decor of their homes.

Symbolism: According to Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra, bamboo plants are extremely lucky and auspicious. The bamboo plant represents endurance, adaptability, and development.

bamboo plant

7. Money Plant

The money plant, a green symbol of prosperity, must be included in the list of suitable housewarming plants. Because it brings prosperity into the house. The money plant is said to repel evil spirits and attract fortune, according to common belief. A money plant is sometimes referred to as devil's ivy since it is nearly impossible to eradicate it.

This is because it can survive even when kept in complete darkness. Its lovely heart-shaped leaves add to the appeal of the property. The best present to give someone close to you to express your love and care is a money plant.

Money plants require well-draining potting soil since excessive moisture can quickly lead to the development of root rot.

Money plants are popular housewarming gifts as they are not poisonous to animals.

Symbolism: They represent fate, wealth, and good fortune.

money plant

8. Areca Palm

Palms are renowned for being the ideal housewarming presents because they are simple to maintain, beautiful to look at, and come in a variety. Bringing them indoors ensures a tranquil atmosphere, vibrant surroundings, and tropical charm. These palms require lots of indirect sunshine and only need to be watered when the soil is around 50% dry.

Symbolism: The Areca Palm is a symbol of victory, serenity, and endless life. The guardian may have a spiritual feeling of serenity and tranquilly after including this palm in the area.

areca palm

9. Bonsai Tree

According to Japanese custom, bonsai trees offer good fortune, harmony, and tranquilly, which is why they are the ideal housewarming gifts. A little tree that is grown ingeniously and exquisitely has the potential to raise the home's level of splendour.

The Bonsai Tree is appropriate for beginning gardeners, and it may even be very enjoyable to see it flourish indoors. There are several varieties of bonsai trees, however in this list, we only include tropical bonsai plants. Tropical plants may thrive inside while other varieties are difficult to maintain.

Some bonsai trees, nevertheless, are safe to be around animals. Before bringing any kind of Bonsai tree into a home with pets, it is preferable to consult your veterinarian rather than Google.

Symbolism: Bonsai trees stand for harmony and a relationship with the natural world. They make wonderful presents for giving to free spirits or to encourage mental serenity. Depending on a person's culture or religious beliefs, bonsai trees may be viewed as a representation of luck, patience, harmony, or even balance. Others, like Zen Buddhists, consider bonsai to be an object of meditation or contemplation, while many people only utilise the potted trees as live decorations for home decor.

bonsai tree

10. Aglaonema plant

The Aglaonema plant is the ideal housewarming gift since it adds oxygen to the environment, gets rid of harmful pollutants, beautifies any space, and eases stress in your loved ones. The fascinatingly vividly coloured leaves of the Aglaonema Lipstick plant can brighten up any environment. This gorgeous plant enjoys indirect sunlight and can go for weeks without water.


Symbolism: The evergreen plant stands for innocence, nature, and the good energy it exudes.

Gifting a plant seems like a wise decision with the SMOG season in full swing. Additionally, plants promise to make every home a paradise for life. The next housewarming party's new hosts might appreciate receiving one of these attractive indoor plants with health benefits. 

plant gift

When selecting a plant to give as a present to someone special, the hardest thing you'll have to do is fight the impulse to keep the plant for yourself. It's never been simpler to order a special housewarming present, like an indoor plant. Send them a small bit of nature to welcome them to their new home and make an impression by giving them a housewarming gift that grows. So what will you be choosing for the next housewarming party?


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