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Small Boat Lucky Bamboo

One of another kind of bamboo plant, the Small boat attracts the positive vitality to enter into your life. Exceptionally lovely, these bring positive vibration into your home or office.

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The Small Boat lucky bamboo plant can be used for improvement inside your home while it helps you attract positive vitality to come into your life. These sorts of plants are exceptionally lovely that regardless of the fact that you will put it in the table, it will unquestionably get much consideration.

The Small Boat is a perfect match when talk of keeping it at home or office.  The appealing piece is a symbol of happiness and good luck. As a Fengshui element is present inside, the Small Boat is known to be the most popular indoor plant. Coming along with a stylish pot this green plant would enhance the surroundings. The purpose of keeping the Small Boat is ensuring the good fortune. It is believed that keeping such plant at home or at workplace brings stillness and calmness. The tough stalks of the plant can revive in the vases of pure water and even in the soil. You can undoubtedly buy the small boat and you can pick the bamboo plants that will draw in some positive vibration and can make a warm environment inside your residence.

One of the amazing features of the plant is that they are sent in technically designed packaging which can even be used for gifting purposes. The two layer ventilated recyclable packaging keeps this plant and the planter safer.


  • Bring happiness, fortune and good luck
  • A boat look
  • Added Fengshui element
  • Ventilated Recyclable Packaging

Additional Information

Common Name Lucky Bamboo
Handling time 2-3 days
significance No

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How to install the Lucky Bamboo
1.      Carefully take out the roots of the Bamboo Plant from the Polybag filled      with Jelly.
2.      Carefully insert the Lucky Bamboo Plant into the Bowl.
3.      Water the Plant with Soft water (Drinking water).
How to care for your Lucky Bamboo
•         Lucky Bamboo Prefers to have filtered Sunlight. They do not like Direct Sunlight.Keep the Plant at a Place where it can receive filtered sunlight.
•         Just Add Enough water to cover the roots. Do not over water.
•         Replace the water at Regular Intervals. Twice in a week would be fine
•         Ensure you Place your Bamboo where it can receive Fresh air
•         Try to Use Soft water ( Drinking Water )
•         You can trim the small roots so that it encourages to sprout new roots; This will help    Plant Grow   Better.
•         Remove or Cut the Parts of the Plant that have turned Pale Yellow or have died. 


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