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Pink-White Self Watering Hanging Planter Flower Pot Pink-White

Pink-White Self Watering Hanging Planter Flower Pot

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 Add Simplicity and modern Style to caring for your Plants with this Self watering – Hanging Planter. This Planter helps you to save on your table Space and Helps you to Utilise your walls and other Verticals Spaces in a more creative way. This Planter along with Plant , will uplift the ambience of the room or the Surrounding where it is placed. The Fun and Attractive Planter is Decorative and Functional, thanks to the double layer Design that allows excess water to be stored in the bottom of this Planter Pot and Provides it to your Plant as and when it needs.

The Inner Planter , is to be Used for Planting and the Outer Planter is to be Filled with Water, up to an Height of 2.5 cm ( From Bottom ) and this water helps your Plants to serve its water needs without your attention. The Self watering Planter enables optimal enables optimal air circulation for healthy roots. This Smart design of Planter will help you to care for your Plants when you go outside  a couple of  days or on business. One watering can last for 7-15 days, depending on the Plant and the temperature etc.

Watering Level Should not exceed the Base of the Inner Pot, Otherwise the Plant will Die.

 This Planter has been designed to Grow and is ideal for most of the Indoor Plants like money Plants, Syngonium, Philodendrons, Spider Plant, Sansieviera (Snake Plant), Small Size Anthuriums , Bamboo Palm and other Air Purifying Plants etc and can be also be used in Outdoors with Flowering Plants like Petunia, Pansy or Like Leafy Vegetables like Methi, Corainder, Palak etc.

                                     This Product, has been made, considering that , in Metros and other Large Cities, most of the Residences have a limited space and this Product should help them to increase the Green Cover in their Home and have a more Pleasant ambience. Hope it keeps up to the Expectations. Your feedbacks and reviews , Positive or other wise, are appreciated and do give us your Inputs and be the designer for our Future Product Developments.

 Inner Pot, Outer Pot and Absorbent Cotton Rope

 Dimensions  & Specifications of the Product :

 Outer Planter : Diameter : 129 mm , Height : 137 mm

(Inner Diameter of the Inner Part for Planting Area : 97 mm)

 Product Weight : 130 Grams

Finish : Gloss Finish for Inner and Outer Part

 Material : 100 % Prime,  Grade Polypropylene Co-Polymer Virgin , UV-Stabilise

About Design and Manufacture of the Product

 Designer : Original Designer is not Known. This Product is a replica from one of the Samples bought from China.

 Country of Manufacture : Made in Republic of India

 Brand under which Product is being Sold : CAPPL

 Applications :

                 You can Place this Product in your Kitchen, Hall, Balcony, Bedrooms, Schools, Cafeterias, Companies for Interior Landscaping and a Lot more spaces.

 You can Hang this Planters in a couple of ways :

  1. Hang the Planter on a Nail / Screw
  2. Use a Cable tie to Fasten it to any object like Rod etc
  3. Use a S Hook to hang it on a Rod / Mesh or any structure.
  4. Use a Self Adhesive Hook which sticks on the wall and use the Hook to Hold the Pot.


Usage of the Planter :

               1.Indoor usage :

 With Self Watering :  Place the Rope in the 2 Large Holes of the of the Inner Planter. This Rope will help your Plant to suck the water as and when it needs from the Outer Planter. Use Soil or Cocopeat to do the Planting in the Inner Mesh Pot and then Place this Planter in the Wall Hanging (Outer) Planter. Please note , Please water up to a level of 2-3 cm in the Outer Planter.  Your Plant should not be in Water. Its just the Rope that should be in water and not the Plant.

Without Self Watering : You can drill a Hole in the Outer Planter and directly do the Planting and hang it on the wall.

  1. Outdoor usage : 

 You can drill a Hole in the Outer Planter and directly do the Planting and hang it on the wall or any structure. If you are going to water this Planter using a Hose Pipe or Drip Irrigation, We suggest you to Avoid the Inner Pot and directly a Drill a Hole in the Outer Planter and do the Planting in this Pot.


During Rainy Season, If you are Placing this Planter Outside, and if you are using in Self watering mode ( With Inner Pot ) , Many a times , your Plants might get flooded with Water and your Plant might die. Hence, We suggest you to use the self watering Module for Indoor Usage mostly and avoid it in Outdoor.

 Colours :

 Available Colours for the Inner Part : Black, White

 Available Colours for the Outer Part :

 Colours Recommended for Indoor Usage : White, Light Baby Pink, Light Blue, Light Green, Wood Furniture , Biege, Gold, Silver , Blue

 Colours Recommended for Outdoor Usage : White, Biege, Red, Pink, Yellow, Orange, Violet, Green



Additional Information

Finishing No
Shape Round
Diameter Diameter : 129 mm
Material Virgin

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