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We have started taking orders. Please place your orders.

Begonia Boliviensis Funky Light Pink Flower Seeds

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Begonia Boliviensis Funky Light Pink Flower Seeds

Product Name : Begonia Boliviensis Funky Light Pink Flower Seeds

Brand : Benary

Qty : 500 Seeds

Height :- 30-40 cm 

Color : Light Pink

Description :

Culture guide

  • Uses:Pots, Hanging Baskets, Mixed Containers and Landscape
  • Exposure:Shade - Partial shade
  • Garden height:8″ / 20 cm
  • Crop time:17-19 weeks
  • Sowing method:Sow 1-2 seeds or pellets per plug.
  • Germination*:Optimum conditions for seedling development, beginning on the day of sowing until radicle emergence. Expect radicle emergence in 7–10 days. Germination should be complete at 10 days unless optimum conditions are not provided.
  • Temperature:Plug Culture:
    72–74 °F (22-23 ËšC) until radicle emergence. Higher temperatures, exceeding 80 °F (27 °C) will inhibit germination. Upon radicle emergence, on day 10-14 reduce the temperature to 68–70 °F (20–21 °C) until cotyledon expansion has occured. On day 21 the temperature can be reduced further to 68 °F (20 °C). For irrigation use tempered water (above 64 °F / 18 °C) only.

    Growing on:
    After transplanting 65–68 °F (18–20 °C) nights for the first 14 days or until the roots reach the bottom of the container. Thereafter temperatures may be lowered to 62–64 °F (17–18 °C). An ADT (average daily temperature of 67 ËšF (19 Ëš C) will give the fastest finished crop. Temperatures below 57 ËšF (14 ËšC) will result in tuber fomation and a delay of the crop. A DIFF of 2-3 ËšF will result in a more compact crop requiring little to no growth regulators.
  • Fertilization:Plug Culture:
    Begin fertilizing early once germination is complete, approximately day 14. Lower rates of feeding at 50 ppm 2-3 times per week will help to size up the seedlings. Under higher light conditions use a 20-10-20 fertilizer and under lower light a 17-5-17.Once seedlings are established the 17-5-17 fertilizer works well. Include a micro nutrient package to give adequeste supply of minor elements. 

    Growing on:
    Alternate between Calcium based fertilizer 14-4-14 and an Ammonium fertilizer 17-5-17 at 100–150 ppm. Keep the media EC at 1.5. Application of Potassium nitrate can help to keep the plants more compact. Under higher light and warmer temperatures a fertilizer with additional ammonium can be used. Tall, stretched plants with few flowers indicate too much ammonium. Stunted, chlorotic plants with marginal leaf burn indicate a lack of calcium and magnesium. Under high light and extended daylength an ammonium-based feed (20-10-20) at 100-150 ppm nitrogen can also be used.
* Germination Stages (from seed to finished young plant)

Stage I Starts with the radicle breaking through the testa. The roots are touching the medium. Ends with fully developed cotyledons.
Stage II Starts from fully developed cotyledons. Ends with the fully developed true leaf or true leaf pair.
Stage III Starts from the fully developed true leaf or true leaf pair and ends with 80% of the young plants being marketable.
Stage IV All young plants are ready for sale and in the process of being hardened off. This stage lasts about 7 days.