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Pineapple Basket Lucky Bamboo

Pineapple Basket is connected with bringing richness and adding to the quality of living standards. It adds on to your life a happy moment through its power of feng-shui. 

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Enriched with Fengshui elements are the Pineapple basket plant. The name is unique in itself because the bamboo has been given the Pineapple shape. This is another range of bamboo plant that one can keep at home or at office. The main purpose of keeping them at a place is to bring along the serenity and peace all around. One may use this beautiful piece as a gift item but the fact cannot be ignored that Pineapple Basket holds some power. Power here means that these plants are capable of purifying the environment in which you are available. This plant is connected with wellbeing, riches and thriving. The Pineapple Basket Lucky Bamboo can be a best gift for your loved ones as a blessing from your side to them.

The Pineapple Basket is a sign of happiness. Bringing wealth and ensuring better health, with its every growing leaf it carries along prosperity into the lives of the people. No matter if its kept poorly or without care, the plant will definitely last longer and shows its effect for a longer duration. One of the amazing features of the plant is that they are sent in technically designed packaging which can even be used for gifting purposes. The two layers ventilated recyclable packaging keeps this plant and the planter safer. So bring along these bamboo plant that will add on to your surroundings.



  • Pineapple shaped
  • Bring happiness, fortune and good luck
  • A decorative piece
  • Added Fengshui element
  • Ventilated Recyclable Packaging


Additional Information

Common Name Lucky Bamboo
Handling time 2-3 days
significance Love & Marriage, Happiness, Luck, Blessings

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How to install the Lucky Bamboo
1.      Carefully take out the roots of the Bamboo Plant from the Polybag filled      with Jelly.
2.      Carefully insert the Lucky Bamboo Plant into the Bowl.
3.      Water the Plant with Soft water (Drinking water).
How to care for your Lucky Bamboo
•         Lucky Bamboo Prefers to have filtered Sunlight. They do not like Direct Sunlight.Keep the Plant at a Place where it can receive filtered sunlight.
•         Just Add Enough water to cover the roots. Do not over water.
•         Replace the water at Regular Intervals. Twice in a week would be fine
•         Ensure you Place your Bamboo where it can receive Fresh air
•         Try to Use Soft water ( Drinking Water )
•         You can trim the small roots so that it encourages to sprout new roots; This will help    Plant Grow   Better.
•         Remove or Cut the Parts of the Plant that have turned Pale Yellow or have died. 


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