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We have started taking orders. Please place your orders.
We have started taking orders. Please place your orders.

12 Braided Bamboo in Ceramic Pot (Pack of 2)

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Product Name: 12 Braided Bamboo in Ceramic Pot (Pack of 2)

Product Description:

Qty: 2 Bamboo Plants 

Golden Ring category of lucky bamboo is an extraordinary indoor plant that might be developed in your home. The bamboo plant is not difficult to give a second thought, develop and it is incredible for inside spaces with faint characteristics.

The 12 Braided is another range of bamboo plant that is known for its modish design. The 12 Braided layer in the Lucky Bamboo is the symbol of perfection and joyfulness. It is one of the most loved sorts of bamboo plants that have been much esteemed for it brings good fortunes and fortune.  It emanates positive vitality that could be ideal for any sort of organization. 12 Braided layer is viewed as lucky in view of its imperativeness, adaptability, and solid development. Bamboo in itself is a stunning plant with an exceptionally quiet and shrewd vitality. It educates a definitive intelligence like how to be adaptable and empty within so the soul can unreservedly stream and mend your being.

As a Fengshui element is present inside, the 12 Braided layers are known to be the most popular indoor plant. Coming along with a glass pot full of stones this green plant would enhance the surroundings. The purpose of keeping the 12 Braided layers is to ensure good fortune. It is believed that keeping such plants at home or at the workplace brings serenity and calmness. The tough stalks of the plant can revive in the vases of pure water and even in the soil. Some may even use the plant as a decorative piece at home or at the office but the results would be the same. There will be happiness and moreover one will feel peace in the inner sense.

Product Features : 

  • Braided shaped
  • Bring happiness, fortune, and good luck
  • A decorative piece
  • Added Fengshui element
  • Ventilated Recyclable Packaging

Note: The ceramic pot color will vary depending on the availability.

Images are for reference purposes only. The actual product may vary in shape or appearance based on climate, age, height, etc. Despite our best efforts, there might be changes in the actual product. Also, note that some of the plants are delicate and few leaves are broken in transit. We do not consider these as damages. 

Delivery Instructions: Orders for plants are shipped in a period of 3-5 working days. The transit time varies depending upon the location. Please consider the order fulfillment time between 4-10 working days.