Few Green Gift Ideas : Succulents : Succulents are most beautiful Small Plants. You can decorate your home by using different succulents’ collection. Succulent have various colors, size and shapes. It’s a best gift for plants lover also. You can add succulents in your indoor garden and its added a more value in your garden. Snake Plants : • It also know as Mother-in-Law's Tongue Plant. NASA places this plants among the top 3 houseplants which is great for removing formaldhyde and carbon monoxide. • It is excellent for the gardener. It required low maintenance. You can place it any indoor places, home, office, shops etc Hoya Kerrii Hoya kerrii is also know as ‘Sweetheart Plant’ because of the heart shaped leaves. Hoya has unique cucculent leaves ehich look stunning. It’s a perfect Valentine's gift to your loved one. Its also called “Valentine Hoya”. Peace Lily : Its also called as “Spathiphyllum Plant”. It’s a flowering plant. It is best plant to improve air quality. Peace Lily have some verities. It’s a fabulous plant because of its all Green leaves and the white part. Anthurium : It is a most popular houseplant. Wonderful leaves color and shape are added more values to plant beauty. It’s a perfect gift to your mother, father, friend etc.
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