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Pebbles For Decorating Your Garden

Oct 29, 2015 2:14:57 PM

pebbles for garden decoration

More and more people have started using pebbles as a decorative item in their gardens. Some people have their whole gardens filled with pebbles, while others decorate their pathways with these attractive, little things. Pebbles help in bringing color and texture to the garden. You can put them anywhere you like!

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Posted in DIY Gardening Ideas By Mayuri Kulkarni

Important Bamboo Species In India

Oct 15, 2015 3:27:06 PM

 bamboo trees

India is the second richest country in bamboo resources. Bamboo grows on over 9.57 million hectares of forest area in India. There are 136 species of bamboo in India.

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Posted in Plants By Sonal Chhajed

pune municipal corporation

People in India, do not look at trees as an object but as a pivotal part of human existence. Truth be told, the human lives would not exist without the trees, plants and many of the natural surroundings.
Here in India, trees are considered to be symbols of peace, wisdom and many of the trees found here hold a religious importance.
From the Himalayan cedar found in Himachal Pradesh to the ubiquitous Palmyra palm trees found in Tamil Nadu, our country has a large variety of trees.

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Posted By Pritam Chhajed

Top 10 Garden Tools

Sep 5, 2015 5:10:00 PM

garden tools

When it comes to gardening, you have an endless choice of tools that you can use. Every gardener has a favorite tool which is something they keep at an arms length everytime they go to their garden. Only a handful of tools are needed to handle your gardens and here is the list of the top ten tools that will help ensure that your garden flourishes.

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Posted By Priyanka Sawant

The Noble Art of Green Gifting

Sep 3, 2015 5:44:00 PM

gift a plant

All of us at one point or another has spent thousands of bucks on a completely useless gift just to impress others and then later regretted it. We console ourselves by thinking that it doesn’t really matter but is that really true? Does it really not matter?
We spend loads of money on impractical gifts like perfumes or other accessories which sooner rather than later end up in a pile of junk.
So why do it? Why give these materialistic things which are a harm to our nature? Why not just give something eco-friendly which can be reused?

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Posted By Pritam Chhajed

The Vetiver System

Aug 29, 2015 7:03:00 PM

The Vetiver System

The vetiver system is used as a system for the conservation of soil and water.It is used in approximately a 100 countries for protection of the environment from harmful activities like soil erosion, pollution and many more. The main component of this system is the vetiver plant which is native to India. 

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Posted in Plants By Rajendra Chhajed

vetiver planting for slope stabilization


A major source of soil erosion problems are unprotected natural slopes or earthen constructed slopes that can result to serious problems like contamination of the rivers and streams, sediment flow to lower sites, reduction in the quality of water, failure in stability of slopes resulting in slippery slopes that cause landslides. The occurrence of landslides lead to damage of property and life. The vetiver system can be used to stabilize the slopes at very low costs. It reduces the risks of slippery, protect slopes and prevents the contamination of downstream water.

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Posted in Plants By Rajendra Chhajed

Introduction to Vetiver Grass

Aug 25, 2015 4:57:00 PM


Vetiver is a bunch grass indigenous to India. This perennial plant is heavily tufted and is known by many names. For instance, in India it is popularly known as khus and in China it is commonly called as Xiang-Geng-chao. It is used in nearly 100 countries for many environmental properties.

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Posted in Plants By Rajendra Chhajed

House Plants as per Feng shui

Aug 23, 2015 5:47:00 PM

feng shui plants

According to Chinese philosophy of feng shui, it is believed that decoration with houseplants maintain a positive vibe and balances the energy of every room. Planting Lily or lavender enhances the atmosphere and ignites energy all around whereas if cactus is potted in the room, it brings bad luck and misfortune. Feng shui is described as “the ideal balance of energies in the home” or Chi. Chi level depends upon balance of yin and yang energies. Yang here is the more active life force which represents creative and masculine energy and Yin is inert, static and reflective energy.

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Posted By Sonal Chhajed

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